About Us
Since 2008 NewGreen Marketing has been providing packaging solutions to retail operations throughout New Zealand, Australia and markets within Asia.  Our commitment and reliability of supply is paramount for our customers.  The NewGreen team work to ensure that we provide the best and most appropriate packaging solution for our clients.


Sustainability Statement

NewGreen is committed to offering the most up-to-date and sustainable packaging solutions available. We work with our trusted suppliers worldwide to source these products. Before we offer, we explore the entire life cycle of our products. We work with our processors at both ends of the product “life” as well as waste and recycling specialists to ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate, ethically produced and sustainable products available.


NewGreen endeavours to offer commercially compostable products where possible. Testing on our products are carried out in Europe where access to Commercial Compost facilities is normal and therefore European standards apply. Each country however, has different waste management regulations and only some of this testing maybe relevant in your region.

Some of our products are certified as EN 13432 and EN 13428

 What does it mean?

  • EN 13432 means that the product has undergone Lab testing to ensure that it will fully break down in a Commercial Composting facility.

  • EN 13428 is also relevant in terms of what is “left over” after the composting has occurred in relation to heavy metals and harmful substances. This is very important in regard to what is left in the compost after all solid matter has broken down.